Need a mobile app for your business?

Create the apps you need directly from your data using spreadsheets and drag-n-drop.

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What is Rukapp?

The best tool to create apps for work and business.

  • Design your app in a visual editor
  • Handle your app data with a spreadsheet
  • Drag-n-drop to configure actions
  • Share safely with a link
  • Access your app from any device

No code or programming required, all logic is build with a spreadsheet and drag-n-drop.

Instant creation and sharing, start from templates and import your existing spreadsheets, share with a link.

Easy to use, the patent pending technology in our app editor makes it the simplest, more pleasant and powerful tool on the market. Create the apps you need using the skills you already have.

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Create mobile apps for catalogs, surveys, customer support, business to business, employee tracking, shared calendars, cost calculators or anything you can imagine.

How Rukapp works?

Start with a spreadsheet

mobile app spreadsheet based logic

All your app data lives in a spreadsheet format. No need to learn programming or databases. Any of the information in the spreadsheet can be presented in the apps, including results, calculations, images, links, charts, tables, etc.

Design your mobile app user interface

mobile app designer

Use our drag-n-drop designer to create powerful apps with forms, tables, lists, charts, etc. Reference the data in the spreadsheet by defining the ranges where your data lives and relax. Rukapp will figure out how to capture the data in the cloud and even synchronize from multiple users for you.

Try your app in realtime

mobile app live preview

At the same time you are creating your app, use the Live Preview panel to see in realtime how the app will look like and work in a phone or a tablet.

Share your app in seconds

mobile app share feature

Use a link to share your Rukapp app with selected coworkers or make it public for the world to see and enjoy. Any change you made to the app will be automatically visible to all your users.

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